Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good Morning Rogers Park

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O.N.E Vigil Tonight
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Have You Ever Wondered.......
why Rogers Park, whatever its problems, is at heart a terrific neighborhood?

I’d like to introduce the neighborhood to our new, old dog. Our boy has a story, and while some of it is bad, a lot of the tale surrounding this pooch speaks to the goodness of many people, not a few of who are Rogers Parkers. click here
Special Report
North of Howard. A Year in Review

This Was Then
She was a sweet little thing, with big brown eyes and cheeks to match.
Her name was Poverty. . .
The Dumpster Diary: Tasty Sub, Gone for Good?

Mention the words "Tasty Sub" in this part of Rogers Park, to people who are genuinely concerned about their neighborhood and facial expressions range from the furrowed brow to downright eye-popping anger.

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13th Annual Rogers Park
Artists of the Wall Festival

A Bunch More Sunday Pics

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